Date: April 9, 2019

4 Quick Reason to Sell Your Vacant Land Fast in Florida

1 - Owe liens/violations:

Maybe there was a previously held home that got demolished, and thus the city imposed a demolition lien on the house. Or you owe violations from not cutting the grass or taking proper care of the lawn, yes, even if you own land the city will fine you for this matter.

2 - Cost to Build is higher than expected:

You’ve got the plans, permits, drawings, etc., but you realize that to build a home it’s going to cost some capital, to begin with. This can be detrimental to your plans to build because not only is it going to cost you money, it also can take up a lot of your time to develop.

3 - Taxes Owed

When you first purchase the land it was obvious you had to pay taxes on this, and you did for the first few years, then life takes its toll. Maybe you had an unexpected life event due to health reason, or perhaps you had a recent loved one pass away, and you needed funeral arrangement money. Whatever the reason, the taxes on the land got put on the back burner, and you have since owed a few years worth of charges.

4 - No Tenant No Income!

Yes, this means that your land isn’t generating you any kind of income for the time being. It’s just sitting there while you pay taxes on the land or worst association fees! Years have gone by, and it has cost you taxes, and even association dues, and yet it hasn’t lived up to the returns you were hoping for because you aren’t collecting income from the land.


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