Date: March 3, 2020

Sell my Out of State Land; We Buy Out of State Land!

Do you own vacant/raw land in another state? Did you inherit a piece of land in a location you have no interest in? Is your land too far away from home for you to enjoy it? Are you tired of paying property taxes on land you never use?

CashOnLand is here to free you from your unwanted land. Your quest for selling land doesn't have to stop at the level of the state. You have other daily activities that keep you busy all through and there's no time to travel out of your current state to sell a piece of land you inherited in another state.

If you or a friend own vacant land in another state they no longer want. We can offer you a deal that's worth the value of your land.

Maybe this piece of land was bought years ago with the aim of using it for something important (building a retirement home), or it could be valuable for an investment, you maybe it was just an inheritance from a loved one and you do not plan to move there. Maybe the land is several states away and you’re just tired of paying land taxes which has become a financial burden that you can’t handle anymore.

That’s it, selling is now the only considerable option. The worst thing you could do at this moment is going for a listing agent to list your land on the local market, this might take over a year without selling. And if at all it happens to sell, you’ll be losing a lot of cash for agent commissions and even a closing fee. A listing agent would even require that you come around to help feel out some deeds of the property.

Remember you have a job and there's no time off for you and there's a rising need for cash to settle other bills in the family. What you need at the moment is a fast and hassle-free selling process.

Our experts at CashOnLand have workout land selling processes to help save you time, money, and stress. Selling a piece of vacant land is usually an expensive and frustrating process for most. This is the more reason real estate agents are known to make so much fortune out of a single sale.

Now, what is the difference between us and real estate agents?

When you bring your land to us, we immediately evaluate the property and give you an undeniable offer. There aren’t any commission for you to settle us or other costly services like an appraiser, attorney fees, perc test, closing costs, and others.

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