April 3, 2023

How Much for 85 Acres of Land?

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how much is 85 acres worth??

I'd like to find out how much cash I can get for my large 85 acres of land?

When we get inquiries from land sellers who have large tracts of land of 85 acres or more, there is no one answer that fits all for this. There are many variables that come into place when determining how much cash we can offer for 85 acres or more example:

Location of the large acreage of land. This is crucial as 85 acres in certain counties, and states are worth more in certain parts of the county than others.

What is land being used for (i.e) recreational, housing, farming, etc. It's use helps to determine the offer for the land as well.

It's very easy to get nervous about how much you can get for your large acreage of land, so it's just best to contact us to get a fast cash offer quote on this.

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