How To Sell Land in South Carolina


How To Sell Land in South Carolina?

is it better to sell your land in South Carolina to a private person or a realtor

Yes, you can sell your land in South Carolian via both conventional methods either with a realtor or a private party. Just keep in mind that South Carolina is considered an attorney state when handling your closing.

Both parties (i.e) private or through a realtor could buy your land and each has it's own benefits and negatives. Alway's ask the following questions when dealing with either or:

For a private party:
Financing type
Intended use for the land
How soon can they close

For a realtor:
Have they sold land in your area before or have sold land period?
What kind of marketing plan do they have in place for your land?

It's always great to have a couple of choices with a private land buyer or a land seller so you can compare your choices at the end.

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