April 3, 2023

How to Sell Vacant Land Fast if You Live Out of State

If you own land anywhere throughout Florida, you can understand that it can be a bit frustrating finding a buyer to get rid of your land reasonably quickly...

If you own land anywhere throughout Florida, you can understand that it can be a bit frustrating finding a buyer to get rid of your land reasonably quickly.

Below is a quick list of ways to sell your land if you live out of state

Sell Your Florida Land if You Live out of State

If you live in states like New York, California, Oklahoma, etc. and your raw land isn’t in your home state, then this means you live out of state. It’s simple your primary address doesn’t match with your vacant land’s address. You can be anywhere across the country, and if your tax bill doesn’t match your lands address, then you are an out of state landowner.

Market Value or Fair Cash Offer?

Market value is what an appraisal or a season real estate agent/broker will give you based on average land sales in your market. Most likely you can obtain a more significant amount of money if the land gets priced accordingly. If you have time, then this is an excellent strategy because at times if you don’t price the property accordingly, it can take months or years to sell the raw land.

Far Cash Offer

As a company that buys land, we will most likely look to make a profit the moment we buy the land. Offers are based on location, resell factor and construction type. There are a lot of factors that go into place but keep in mind that a cash offer will most likely close in 30 days or less. Once we have entered into a contractual obligation and find out if it’s a possible piece of land to build/resell then to close should be in weeks not months.

Who Owns the Land?

Most likely if you are the sole owner of the land, it’s a pretty simple sale. However, if you live out of state, and so do the 11+ owners of the land, and everyone is scattered away. You need to straighten this out before selling, you must make sure every owner is also on board to sell. If one owner doesn’t want to sell, then you can either buy them out as well. Yes, we’ve encountered multiple ownership on the land, and if you have to probe some owners make sure you have a death certificate, probate attorney, patience because it can delay the time factor for getting cash quickly on the land.

What sorts of land do you have? Residential, commercial, multifamily, etc.?

Most land sellers have no clue as to the type of zoning the land has. Why it’s important to know this? Because depending on the zoning, your land may get better cash offer then residential zoning. Also, if you have land that has commercial zoning, you may have it next to the major intersection with retail, warehousing, and manufacturing density. So yes, know your zoning and what can be built.

Even if you don't’ know your zoning, we will make sure the cash offer is fair for what can be built on the raw land, this way you are always getting the maximum cash offer possible for your land.

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