April 17, 2023

Who Buys for Cash Raw/Vacant Land in Florida?

A lot of investors chose to buy houses, and sometimes vacant land isn’t a good fit for them because they don’t understand what can be done with the property...

A lot of investors chose to buy houses, and sometimes vacant land isn’t a good fit for them because they don’t understand what can be done with the property after purchase. No one really knows what to do with the raw land. Our thought is if you can buy houses, you can also buy raw land. Many investors are wary of getting architecture drawings, building permits, survey’s, etc. We really can’t speak for many investors, but we can say the following:

  • We have bought and sold vacant land that for the most part it was buildable for single-family housing.
  • We bought raw land that had to go through the probate process only to flip for profit afterward.
  • We have bought raw land that was used for commercial zoning, multi-family zoning, and much more.

We tend to grasp in what we see the most which are housing, condos, and multi-family, that sometimes we lose sight of what those structures were once which is dirt. If you are looking to sell your land, you must know that there is profit in what you once thought of building there once. In fact, you may feel worthless because it’s in a dangerous area of town, you are also probably tired of paying taxes year after year without seeing any returns.

After much thought, you have decided to sell your vacant land quickly, and you’d like to know what someone is willing to pay for cash for the raw land in Florida.

3 Successful Ways We Can Help With Buying Your Vacant Land for Cash

1 - You Inherited the Land and Just Want to Cash Out.

Guess what, we will work with your vacant land probate attorney to help you get the cash quickly for the land. We know...this must be a difficult time for your family. And the ground had a lot of sentimental value. Your father or mother bought the property to building something on it, you realize that it’s going to take capital and know how to make a house fully blown from ground-up. Maybe you don’t have the right contacts (i.e.) architects, structural engineers, plans to help accomplish that goal. We make sure that you realize that the probate process will take some time yet we are also mindful of what your forefather had in mind. Also, keep in mind that all cash offers include an option that the probate attorney can extend closing should they need more time to finish the process.

2. Know that Paying Cash for Vacant Land Means That We Should Pay For Your Closing Costs.

Our buying process for vacant land means that we will take into consideration paying all your closing fees. This includes for the most part surveys, documentary stamps, closing fees. Understand that these fees aren’t charged to the vacant land seller rather than to the raw land buyer. We do this so that you can obtain the most cash for the land as possible. You’ll only have to pay the taxes owed for the year for the most part, and even this is taken out o the proceeds. Sometimes your vacant land may have liens and violations, are these costs paid by buyer or seller at closing? For the most part, these fees can be negotiated with the city depending on how much they are for. If the amount is tremendous, then we will consider speaking with the city on your behalf so that we can negotiate the fee down to a fraction, then if it’s an amount that is reasonable we may pay for the lien or violation.

3. No real Aim or Goal as to What to Do with the Raw Land.

The last few years you have been paying taxes and maintenance for the raw land. You’ve spent more on some city cited liens and violations. The property is just becoming a burden rather than something you had initially aimed for. The reason is that you lost track of what can really be done with the land and instead have been putting more money into something that just doesn’t have a vision anymore. You feel that you could still build on the ground but in the long run, you may not have the necessary resources actually to get this started.

Even if you made a little attempt to build on the land your not really sure how to go about with the city liens issued on the area. You need to make sure that all this is taken care of before building on the land.

Eventually, we understand that you may not have a reason to keep the vacant land anymore. Our philosophy is a win-win for everyone. We often make sure that the cash offer is something you hadn’t considered before and that it may help you with any financial obligation that you may have. Even if you don’t have any fiscal responsibility, you could still use the cash for the land for enjoying time spent with the family. You set you, and we hope that we will meet that expectation and that the area will be as much good to us as it was to you.

You also don’t need to take care of any liens, violations, or start any probate process. We have learned the best way is to get a cash offer quote and then you can decide the outcome you’d like to do to get the process started of getting your land sold quickly.

Realtor Value, Appraisal and Cash Offer for Vacant Land?

The following list ways you can seek help with getting value for your land.

Realtor Value.

An experienced real estate professional will run comparables of similar sized lots that have sold within your area and give you an opinion of value. They will help with marketing your vacant land and for the most part, do charge real estate commission to the sales price. Their process may or may not take longer than 30 days to sell. It just depends on how realistic both parties are going to be with a price.

Land Appraisal

This will require some money, and you’ll most likely get an appraisal that is higher or lower then you had initially anticipated. It's always best to get at least 2-3 to compare from the initial evaluation and then make a thorough assessment. This person has no interest in buying/selling your property instead just to give you the value based on weighted comparables of recently sold lots within your subdivisions.  

Cash Offers.

I have gotten a lot of offers for my land and just want retail/market value for the area because I feel like it’s worth “x” amount. Sometimes there is a difference in what someone is willing to offer and what one can really pay for your land. There are many “investors” that buy land yet they don’t know what can be done with the property once is purchased putting themselves at risk of over-offering for something that the comparisons aren’t going for. Tip alway's asking we buy vacant land buyer if they had bought/sold vacant land before and if so, what did they do with the land once they bought it. We purchase land with many intentions whether to hold on, resell, or just build upon. Typically there are some options as to one can do with the vacant land, just don’t fall into the trap that your lot is valued more than what someone is willing to pay for.

Sometimes cash offers are a little above then what you anticipated because there are solid comps for which we can offer more. At this point that is music to your ears!

There are also ways where a cash offer is strongly considered above all else. You just need it to help with something that is bugging you, pay down debt, hospital bill, kids college, home improvement.

Give your family a much-needed boost in cash in our hands as quickly as possible, and it can be a beginning that you needed. Also, keep in mind that we buy vacant land throughout Florida so always ask for a quote on anything you may own else. It’s FREE and doesn’t hurt to ask!

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