Date: April 9, 2019

Why Selling Land for Cash in Florida Makes Sense for you in 2018!

Ask anyone you meet who buys and sells real estate what their best strategy for being successful was? They will always tell you to buy low and sell high. Have you been going through some rough patches in your personal life that got you in this situation about selling the land you have owned for a few years that you completely had forgotten about it? In fact, you bought the property so long ago that there are houses, buildings, apartment complexes next to the parcel since the last time you drove by. Maybe you purchased the property for reasons that you don’t even remember and could use the cash.

This market has been on a constant upswing, so this is the time to sell, and you may have an urging need to get out before it turns again.

No Use for the Land

When you first purchased the land, there was a building there, and for some reason or the other, it got demolished by the city. Now you have a flat piece of the parcel with no real use anymore. Plus, every time you drive by the place you are reminded of maybe childhood dream, fond memories, and even the once home that was there and no longer is.


Land Inheritance

You recently found out that a close relative (i.e.) dad, mom, uncle, etc. inherited a piece of land to you. You are asking whom will buy this land and what can I get for the raw area. The biggest challenge you have to overcome is not knowing what to do with this inherited land really. Yes, you can sell the property even while still in the probate process.  Your first step if going through probate is to find a knowledgeable probate attorney that can walk you into getting the land into your name and then you’ll have control of the estate to sell the property. Again, a great probate attorney that specialized in real estate can help the process go smooth.


Back Taxes Owed

If you have the land just sitting there vacant, most likely you are still paying the property taxes even though is just empty. Your life situation changes, (i.e.) no income, no job, then you may or may not be able to pay the taxes and can lose the land altogether.  You know how challenging it can be to get away from uncle same, even if you tried, he is coming to collect somehow someway. You had grand plans to build on the land when you first purchased, but life got in the way, whether financial, personal, or health. The taxes got backed up for a year until it is now maybe 3-5 years worth. Always let the professional home buyers know about this situation at times this can be taken out fo the process of the sale so you may not even have to pay what is owed and still walk away with cash!


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